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Progress is a funny thing. When something is created, there’s the constant urge to tweak it and make it bigger, better and more efficient. In most cases that’s not always a bad idea as technology shifts to a place where maybe an update or revamped edition is needed to better enhance the quality of the original product. Then there are times when that isn’t such a wise idea, like the Brady Bunch Variety Hour or Windows Vista.

When it comes to keeping a beer cold and servable, there have been many products that have come and gone. The very first ‘mega kegerator’ was the size of a small apartment building. Just like computers, over the years they got smaller and better. Enter the mini kegerators! It may not be the size of a handheld mobile device, but you don’t need apps to get it to work and it does a fine job of being the mini companion you need to keep your beer just right.

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