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One thing you’d never see Tim Allen do is blow up a beer cooler on Tool Time. Sure, he’d add some supercharged gizmo here, tweak something there and design the most bitchin’ multi-purpose beverage cooling, serving and transporting tool in the world - aka a Jockey Box. It would be a work of art that NASA would try to patent because it would make the Space Shuttle look like it was made of discarded Styrofoam cups, duct tape, and food coloring.

Think about it. You’ve needed just the tool to do all these things and more and had no idea how badly you needed it until you stumbled onto this page. This is where the boys get separated from the men. This is where you no longer have to try to out MacGyver your buddy with the engineering ‘degree’ he got online. Get ready to be the ‘go to’ guy the next time someone yells ‘Let’s Party!”

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