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True story, sort of. Jimmy ‘The Kegger’ Rator was the guy in town who was known for hosting the most amazing parties in the entire state. They were legendary and large enough that one actually showed up on Google Earth and found itself under surveillance by spy satellites. His parties are the ‘can't-miss’ events of the year and are held for just about any reason. His “First Time I Used The Snowblower This Winter Party” was epic. So, “The Kegger” one day found himself at the town dump unloading a bunch of shrapnel following one party and stopped at a row of dilapidated refrigerators. He stared at them for a moment and the junk dealer on site wandered over and said, “Thinkin’ of building an all-in-one beer fridge, server, and stockholder, are you?” Rator popped out of his daydream and responded, “I was thinkin’ about how purdy they looked in a row but your idea ain’t bad.” The rest is history.

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