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Drinking games have a long history dating back to the mid-1800’s and the original Gamma Delta House where pledges were subjected to a game of ‘tag’ which involved the flinging of beer bottles at them. The ‘classic’ version of the game involved an intricate scoring scale based on the location of contact and whether or not the glass bottle shattered. Variations of the game were developed to allow for light beer and non-alcoholic beer, commonly known as the Utah version.

Lucky for pledges around the country aluminum cans replaced glass beer bottles however, once that took place the game lost its appeal. Fortunately some enterprising engineering students invented the game we all know today as ‘Beer Bong’ as an attempt to cheat their way through a series of mid-term finals. Little did they know their proposed scam has resulted in a time honored tradition played just about anywhere beer drinkers gather in groups of two or more.