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Imagine being a superhero. Sure, you may get the girl but think of all the complications. You’ll never be left alone as there’s always a damsel in distress needing assistance in just the super power you possess. Then there’s the civic duty of being a nice guy saving the world, Mrs. Johnson’s cat and some kid from falling off a cliff because you’re supposed to do the right thing. Bad guys hate you, insurance companies hate you and when it gets to be that time again – you guessed it, tax time – Uncle Sam hates you.

There’s no winning with being a superhero especially if you have a special super power that allows you to do things your average Superman can’t. Then there are the constant phone calls for help, PBS pledge drive donations, Today Show appearances and endorsement deals. At least with our costumes you can still pretend to be a superhero without the added baggage, a real beer hero!

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