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Had Dr. Seuss written a book on how to make beer it would probably have sold more than any of his other works. Well, maybe not as much as the one about eggs and ham of a different color, but most certainly more than the one about the grouch who didn’t like the festive season. Had Dr. Seuss written a book on beer making it would have had simple instructions a three year old could use to move into a better career than the dot-com mess his (or her) parents fell into way back in the 1980s.

Had Dr. Seuss written a book on making your own brew, a lot of the major corporate breweries would stand up and take notice and try to discredit it with millions of dollars of advertising about the dangers of green eggs and ham. Had Dr. Seuss written a book on beer it would be here in our library, but he didn’t. However, we have other great works to share with you.

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