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You ever find yourself sitting in the shade on a smokin’ gorgeous sunny afternoon smelling the neighbor's barbeque mixed with the pleasant aroma of a freshly-cut lawn with a nice cool one in your hand? We have, too. Nothing beats pondering the wonders of that fabulous amber liquid in the bottle you are holding as the breeze sends a long whiff of burgers, chicken, steak, smokies and all kinds of tailgating meals across your property directly to where you are parked. You can’t miss it, it searched you out and aimed directly at you.

You take a long, deep breath trying to suck the meal right out of thin air. Then you close your eyes and imagine what you would do with that chunk of meat on your grill with a cold one in both hands. It’s the vision dreams are made of and we’ve got the books to prove it. Check out what treats are in the library. Oh, and you’re welcome!