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Pop Quiz:

What beer goes best with a man-sized barbeque steak? If you said ‘cold’ you may be right in some circles but over here in the library we’re looking for a different kind of answer. You have to try to imagine the juicy bits of meat oozing with that special rub you slathered on it and the extra special helping of steak sauce mixed with your favorite ‘secret’ ingredient (which we all know is just a bunch of different spices mixed with spaghetti sauce) allowing each and every one of the sensors in your taste buds to trigger the sensation of a meal well done, bordering on perfection to truly grasp the proper combination of beer to steak.

It’s not an easy call, and that’s why we’ve stocked the library with all kinds of reading material centered on your favorite subject: beer! And there are even books on your second favorite subject: beer! Check ‘em out!

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