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We blame it on the fitness craze and that annoying thing called health. We have never been interested in counting calories, nor do we pay any attention to what numbers show up on the bathroom scale, but we totally get the concept behind proper hydration. Hydration is basically a fancy way of explaining you need liquid in your body or you’ll explode or pass out or something we didn’t really pay much attention to after we got the hydration part.

Anyway, when it comes to hydration we have the tools to keep your pace at the proper rate in order to avoid one of those nasty explosions we were telling you about. One of the best ways to keep your hydration in check is with a beer stein. They hold a hefty volume of liquid which cuts down on the refilling trips that can knock a hydration cycle off kilter. Nobody wants to be the guy who’s found off kilter with a stein in his hand.

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