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If we had webbed hands there’d be no need for them. If we weren’t trying to impress someone with a nicely microwaved dinner and drinks and all that you have are Styrofoam cups stamped with fast food logos on them, you’d never need them. That’s right, beer glasses. Every wet bar, fridge and buddy bar should have them. They can set the tone for just about any gathering and also send the message loud and clear of what kind of beer nut you actually are.

The heavy pint glasses are perfect for football with the guys. The tall glasses with beer logos on them are great for having a co-worker over to discuss that nagging issue with the T-15 Order Forms you just can’t grasp regardless of how well explained the solution is in the inter-office memo. Then there’s the kind of glasses that make a girl look at you and say, he’s the one… I need to help me plan my next party!

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